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Welcome to Camp Eitan Breakaway

Why Choose Us

Camp Eitan Breakaway is in our 37th summer. In Camp Eitan Breakaway we believe that camp is not just about keeping kids occupied during the day. We believe that, in many ways, the informal nature of summer camp creates an ideal atmosphere for children to try out new skills, build friendships and learn more about themselves. Camp Eitan Breakaway believes in active engagement with the community and uses each week's theme as a way for campers to connect and engage with different chesed organizations such as Chai Lifeline, Ve'ahvta, Tomchei Shabbos and more! The learning sessions in the morning are connected to the week's theme, creating an immersive unity to the messages campers are walking away with. Our intentional programming sets us apart and we attempt to impart leadership skills and creativity in each day's schedule.

Our Staff

  • Uri Kestenbaum - Director

    Rabbi Uri Kestenbaum, is the former Director of Camp Ilan and a previous head counselor in Camp Eitan. Rabbi Kestenbaum is an 8th grade Rebbe with three boys of his own: he has 5 years of experience as a Camp Director, and is an Emergency Responder with Hatzalah. Rabbi Kestenbaum holds a Masters degree in Science in Education and is a published author.

  • Avi Ochs - Head Counselor

    After serving as division head in Camp Eitan Breakaway last year, Avi is returning as head counselor full of new ideas for an exciting summer of fun!

  • Yoad - Head Counselor

    Yoad is currently learning in Yeshiva here in Eretz Yisrael and is excited to return for his third year.

Making memories since 1981

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Making memories since 1981


Making memories since 1981
Making memories since 1981
Making memories since 1981